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Life insurance is often considered the cornerstone of sound financial planning. Permanent loss of income due to death can leave behind a huge financial burden to one’s children or spouse, who must face continuing expenses such as a mortgage with the loss of a major income. Most families are unable to continue the quality of life they previously enjoyed without additional financial support. For individuals with dependents, life insurance is a critical tool to ensure that your spouse, children or other loved ones can continue to enjoy the quality of life they deserve. Apart from income replacement, life insurance is also an important tool for building guaranteed savings throughout one’s lifetime, especially for those who are young or without any dependents. It is one of the few places one may invest in with guaranteed returns, without the burden of taxes. Returns from life insurance investments can also generate a substantial retirement income. Either way, life insurance is one of the most important investments you will make in your life, and that of your family’s.



You’re considering life insurance and/or expanding your current plan. Welcome! You’re not alone. There are many types of life insurance plans, and as a Canadian, it’s important to devise a comprehensive plan specific to your needs. But do you know what option is best for you or the variety of plans available to you based on your budget?

Let’s look at them together.


Term insurance is the simplest and most affordable version of life insurance. It provides sufficient coverage for an individual to cover his or her liabilities, which can be renewed at the end of each term. The insured’s beneficiary is paid if death occurs while the insurance is in effect. This is the most affordable form of life insurance for new immigrants or low-income families

Terms Coverage Duration Premiums Medical Check Other
Renewable Term 5-50 years
  • stay the same during term

  • changes at renewal with current age and health

  • only at initial purchase

  • renew plan with new premium at end of term

Convertible Term 5-50 years
  • stay the same during term

  • changes at renewal with current age

  • only at initial purchase

  • can convert plan into a whole life policy without doing an additional medical check

Level Term 5-50 years
  • stays the same

  • only at initial purchase


Whole life, or permanent insurance, provides a means of full coverage throughout a person’s life, along with an investment component that can generate additional liquid money. Unlike Term insurance, permanent plans can be paid up after a certain time and the insured remains covered for life thereafter, without any more premiums.


Term Life Insurance Permanent Life Insurance
10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 100 or 10-50 year term coverages Provides life-time income protection
Option to get Term to 65 years to cover liabilities during working years Savings Plan Options. Click here to learn more
A low cost plan for the limited period Options to pay-up policy in within different time periods, 10,15, 20 etc.
Allows higher levels of coverage to become affordable Can guarantee their premium payments
Aimed to protect short-term family liabilities Estate tax protection - transfer savings to children without incurring capital gains tax
Can convert to whole life anytime without re-doing medical Tax-free claim benefit
A great option to protect family's mortgage at low cost Opportunity to build retirement savings portfolio
Clients can renew term at end of period
Tax-free claim benefit


I just got married

Purpose: Buy savings plan

Suggestion: 20 pay guaranteed savings plan

Age Coverage Cash Value @ Age 65
25 $250,000 $100,000
30 $250,000 $100,000
35 $250,000 $100,000

I just had a child

Purpose: Add-on coverage for more dependents

Suggestion: Term to 65

Age Coverage Monthly Cost (Male/Female)
25 $500,000 $40.91/$33.89
30 $500,000 $46.76/$33.75
35 $500,000 $46.31/$34.38

We just bought a house

Purpose: I need mortgage protection

Suggestion: 10 year team

Age Coverage Monthly Cost (Male + Female)
35 $1,000,000 each $50.04 total
40 $1,000,000 each $62.10 total
45 $1,000,000 each $86.04 total

Just started a business

Purpose: I need financial loan coverage

Suggestion: 10 year term

Age Coverage Monthly Cost (Male/Female)
35 $1,000,000 $30.60/$23.04
40 $1,000,000 $36.90/$28.80
45 $1,000,000 $53.82/$35.82

My parents just immigrated

Purpose: I need last expense coverage for older parents

Suggestion: Permanent Plan

Age Coverage Monthly Cost (Male/Female)
65 $25,000 $85.88/$64.09
70 $25,000 $109.39/$84.30
75 $15,000 $110.21/$84.43

I just graduated/started a new job

Purpose: Need future income protection

Suggestion: Term to 65

Age Coverage Monthly Cost (Male/Female)
20 $500,000 $44.55/$30.46
25 $500,000 $40.91/$33.89
30 $500,000 $46.76/$33.75

I want a long-term savings plan

Purpose: To grow long-term savings

Suggestion: Guaranteed 20 year pay plan

Age Coverage Cash Value @ age 65
20 $250,000 $100,000
25 $250,000 $100,000
30 $250,000 $100,000

I just immigrated

Purpose: Need family protection at low cost

Suggestion: 10 year team

Age Coverage Monthly Cost (Male/Female)
30 $250,000 $13.95/$7.02
40 $250,000 $17.33/$13.05
50 $100,000 $18.81/$14.49


Have questions about which insurance is best for you

Anyone with dependents or loved ones needs life insurance, but due to their circumstances single parents often bear a greater responsibility in the raising and protection of their children and that extends to life insurance and financial protection.

Health problems don’t necessarily preclude someone from purchasing life insurance, but they will most likely affect the price of premiums. Depending on the nature of your ailment, when it was diagnosed, and how it currently affects your health, our experienced advisors can help match you with a life insurance company.